Bullet Journaling

A few weeks ago, I was at Target picking up a bridal shower gift when I found myself walking through the notebooks/planners aisle just for fun.  Does anyone else do that?  Or is it just me?

I spied this Mara-Mi notebook and it was $4 and I bought it because I figured I would be able to find a reason to use it later.  Possibly for writing out blog posts (I write out hard copy drafts frighteningly often because it’s just the way that words flow for me), possibly for taking care of some To Do lists.

Bullet Journal 1

I will also say at this point that I REALLY love new notebooks.  I am that person who gets maximum joy out of writing on the very first page. But then what?

And then I remembered a discussion I heard on the Girl Next Door podcast.

Bullet Journaling.

Some of you might know what that is, but I really didn’t.  So to see what exactly the bullet journal is all about in its highest form, check out BulletJournal.com.

For my synopsis, it’s an 11/10 way to organize a notebook full of totally unrelated (and sometimes related) ideas.  No pages/ideas get lost, and ideas stay separate!  Kind of like those disposable paper plates that have three sections.  Except less disposable.

As you can see, so far I have managed to establish my Index.

Bullet Journal 2

And I have started filling up some of those pages.

Bullet Journal 3

So far, I’m a fan!  Presuming I continue with this little experiment, I’ll be sure to report back on how all of this is going in a few months.

Based on what I have read, some bullet journal-ers are using their notebooks as personal calendars as well, but I don’t know that I am quite advanced enough for that (also, the idea of creating my own hand-drawn planner makes the perfectionist inside of me cringe).  That being said, I am in the market for a new planner next year because even thought the Whitney English Day Designer is pretty, the coil and paper quality are terrible.  I’m considering an inkWELL Press planner for 2016 but I would love to hear your non-Erin Condren suggestions.

What are you doing to organize your life lately?


5 responses to “Bullet Journaling

  1. I love a new notebook too! I use ones with tear out sheets for my daily to do lists, and it feels so good to rip out and throw the page when its done!

  2. I think I sort of do this but I should ACTUALLY do this. I tend to use a combination of post-its at the office and I write email drafts to myself in my Gmail account to remind me of restaurants to visit or home projects to do. But having them all in an attractive Target notebook sounds much better…

  3. Um, yes. Yes, I do that… Scary.

    I just have to say thank you for this, Kat! I’ve tried the Day Designer and found that although I thought I was looking for something like that, it really wasn’t for me. (I’ve turned it into a gratitude journal instead.)

    What I have been doing is using little notebooks – old ones, not clean new ones. I’m trying to use half-filled ones because I couldn’t justify my urge to keep buying new ones every time I want to start over in my organization.

    But that has been feeling so cluttered in my head.

    I love this idea of bullet journaling. Wow. So going to try it. Many thanks.

  4. I started a bullet journey at the beginning if the year, but I find I mostly write brief blurbs about each day to remember…not as many bullets. Good nonetheless.

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