Friday Food Round-Up!

Apparently, this week, all I talked about is food. Even though this really is not A Food Blog.  But, with that in mind, if you have not checked out the Cubano Pizza recipe, you must.

This is the first Normal week we have had in a month.  Where we have both been in town, where we have both been home during the week, all of it.  It has been deliciously relaxing.  After having girlfriends take over my house for the long weekend (my house is their house forever, but it is still a lot to have five adult people under this roof!), it was really necessary.

Sunday – Baked Potato with Trader Joe’s Turkey Chili

Sunday You guys, I was so pooped on Sunday after dropping Beka off at the airport.  I planned a meal that, frankly, Marcus could make.  So I ate a baked potato and he ate some leftover Chicken Gyros that we whipped up on Friday night and we were both Pleased.  Also, if you have any energy whatsoever to cook an easy (and 11/10) meal, the gyros are really worth the 15 minutes of prep.

Monday – Chilaquiles with Black Bean Salsa from The Homesick Texan Family Table


I always (ALWAYS) forget how easy this recipe is to pull together and it is seriously the best.  I always try to order chilaquiles when we are at places that serve them for brunch, so we need to do this more often.  I may or may not have made some extra corn chips as well for snacking while I assembled the rest of dinner.  I would advise you to do likewise.

Wednesday – Pollo Asado from The Homesick Texan Family Table with Oven Fries and Elote

WednesdayFuture Kat is thankful that Past Kat decided to freeze batches of this marinade so that she could just pull them out when she needs them.  Future Kat will also give you the PSA that if you make this dish with chicken breasts instead of any other chicken with bones in and skin on, it will be deeply depressing in comparison.  So don’t use breasts.  On the bright side, it is corn on the cob season and I really plan on picking up my corn-eating game in the next few weeks so that is pretty great.


2 responses to “Friday Food Round-Up!

  1. If you haven’t already, you must, Must, MUST get the Tostada Chilaquiles at Hola Arepa for Brunch. Mmmm…

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