Fishing at the Cabin and the First Annual Big Pine Lake Fishing Tournament

I will be honest, when got home and walked in the door, I thought, Oh my God I love this house.  Which is true – I do.  We live in a pretty great place.

But we had a perfect trip Up North, too.

It took me until the 4th of July to realize that I had been a crap picture-taker, but in the True Spirit Of Vacation, I was busy vacationing and not photo-ing.

It was an incredible weekend for fishing.  We were deeply successful catch-and-release-ers.  Of all the fish we caught, all the fish survived.  On our first fishing outing, I caught four fish (only three are pictured), Uncle Bob caught two fish and Billy caught one fish.

Fish 1 Fish 2 Fish 3

But the next day, I caught one fish and a potpourri of weeds, and lost my favorite lure, while Billy proceeded to catch eight fish during our morning outing and seven in the afternoon.

Fish 4

He said that it was the most fish he has ever caught in one day in his life.

But.  BUT.  The crowning glory of our trip was participating in the First Annual Big Pine Lake Fishing Tournament.  Representing for our cabin were Billy, David, Uncle Steve, Uncle Doug and…me.

While it is indisputable that my fishing knowledge is the worst (most of the time I don’t know if I have A Northern or A Weed until it is next to the boat), there are also many outings where I mysteriously catch the most fish.  I think a lot of this is dependent on the fact that my fishing style now most closely emulates the fishing style I used when I was five years old with a cane pole.  At this point it is important to note that when I was putting a new lure on my line the morning of the tournament, I first tied it to the spinner side of the lure instead of the actual hole on the lure designed for the line.  Oops.  I had to have a do-over.

But back to the tournament!  There were two competitions – total weight (of all fish caught in your lot) and largest fish by weight.


Billy laid out a strategy for our outing – 45 minutes of trolling, 45 minutes of casting, and 30 minutes of whatever was working best.

Well, for the first…hour?  We caught absolutely nothing.  After days of fish literally jumping into the boat, we had No Fish At All.

I fortified myself with snacks.

Finally, after cruising over to a neighbor’s dock at the mouth of the channel, David snared The World’s Angriest Bass and after much cajoling, Uncle Doug directed our party to the hole in the river where he caught the largest Northern of his life.  We didn’t catch any lifetime achievement award-style fishes, but Billy got one in the boat and so did I.

Fish 6Fish 5

As it turns out, the fish I caught was the 3rd place fish!

Fish 7

Who could have guessed?


The trophy is now sitting proudly on the mantle at the cabin.  Even though I reeled that critter in, it really could have been any of us.  They actually called Billy’s name for the award (now that I look back on it, the weight guy never even asked me for mine…um) so it is safe to say that we all won.  The prize (besides honor for our cabin and a trophy) was a fishing pole.  It is my very first Brand New Pole and it is about a half-foot longer than the pole that I currently fish with.  Honestly, I’ll probably continue fishing with my old stalwart, but as I have observed with my other fishing family members (Billy, Uncle Doug, Uncle Steve, David), it is a cool thing to have two poles.


I am still not sure what this accomplishes, exactly, but I am confident that like so many other fishing things (tying a knot on my lure, putting new line on my pole, putting minnows on the hook), sooner or later I will figure it out.


One response to “Fishing at the Cabin and the First Annual Big Pine Lake Fishing Tournament

  1. All good things, Kat! Loving the red, white, and blue shorts…!

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