Medal Rack

Oh gosh, you guys.  How I have made it through five years of running without some sort of medal rack/bib display wall is totally beyond me.  I think that it’s because the few times I thought that I was ready to buy a rack, I then talked myself into believing that I would have the energy to make my own and that it would be cheaper to boot.

I think we all know I never found the energy (or the creativity!) to make my own.  Crafting = so not my thing.

When I got around to decluttering our house this spring, I cleared out the many areas in the house where I had stashed running stuff and realized that I really needed to do something with the medals and bibs, or I needed to stop keeping them.  That was just the kick in the pants that I needed.  I hopped on Etsy, home of handicrafters, and I placed my order.

It arrived yesterday and we hung it up at eye level on the wall next to the treadmill.

Medal Rack

I really should have done this years ago.


One response to “Medal Rack

  1. Looks like there is room for lots more medals in the future. That would be part of my criteria.

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