Daily Archives: 05.27.2015


I feel like I’ve done a good job of staying away from the Fitbit craze, but on Friday afternoon, I finally caved and ordered myself a Fitbit Zip.  I’m participating in a fitness/steps competition and I thought it might be nice to have something where I can collect data long after it is over versus a standard pedometer.

Even though there are some great perks to the wristband styles, I am incredibly allergic to nickel (allergic reactions to fitness trackers are well documented) so, they were a no-go.  Also, between my RoadID and running watch, adding ANOTHER wristband would be all too much to deal with.

Which is to say that I own this now.


It smiles.  How friendly.

I have already told Marcus that if I talk about my steps, etc., he has to stop me because there is literally nothing more annoying than people who have to talk about how many steps they’ve walked that day.  Literally nothing.

I also want to give a shout-out to Lis, who taught me how to find Fitbit friends.  Without her, I would be working my way to 10,000 daily steps all on my own.