Memorial Day Weekend

I took Tuesday off, so mine has been an (extra) long Memorial Day weekend.

Marcus and I headed up to the cabin on Saturday morning so that we could skip the traffic and still enjoy the day.  While it was gloom and rain in the cities, it was just lovely Up North.

Cabin 1

Cabin 3

The Reed’s grocery store in Crosslake has this really excellent maple glaze that they use on their donuts.  Over the winter, I cooked up this idea that it would probably be really good on a cake donut with rainbow sprinkles.  So I ate this breakfast three days in a row (coffee = hazelnut) and it was heaven.

Cabin 2

Apparently, this was also the weekend that the dragonflies were hatching.  So we watched all of these nymphs crawl out of the water and onto the grass to molt out of their bug-like shells and into dragonflies. The successful hatchlings would then crawl up a stem of grass to unfold and stretch their wings.  Our entire front yard was covered in a 1:1 ratio of dragonflies to grass stems for two days and it was super-incredible to see – you could barely walk across the yard for fear of stepping on a new dragonfly or a nymph working its way into the world!

Just call me…Mother Of Dragonflies.

Cabin 4 Cabin 5

I sat in the grass for at least an hour, watching this transformation take place over and over again.  It was truly incredible.Cabin 6

We also went on a few fishing outings.  The plaid life jacket is still going strong and so are the Northern Pike in Big Pine Lake.Cabin 7

Oh, and Billy moved home from Texas.  Forever.  So it was awesome to have him up at the cabin and know that he’ll actually be in Minnesota for every week until the end of time.

Cabin 8 Cabin 9 Cabin 10 Cabin 11

In case you couldn’t tell, I also took four days off from wearing make-up and styling my hair.  It’s just the cabin way.  I honestly don’t even know why I bothered to pack mascara this time.


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