Daily Archives: 05.20.2015

Styling Strategies.

Wardrobes have been a topic of hot discussion amongst my girlfriends lately.  With a few of them starting new jobs, and all of us engaging in massive purges of possessions, we’ve all been assessing what has been working for us and what has really not been working for us.  We may also be at the point where what works for us now is 100% different from what worked for us immediately post-college graduation and again that brings us back to all of the decluttering.

As we continue to swap strategies, it’s interesting to hear different perspectives on how our closets should look and how we should be dressing ourselves.  Emily, after attending one wedding, left with a friend counseling her to only purchase her clothing from one store, and after establishing a base wardrobe, to add 2-3 new pieces each season.

At first, I was taken aback by this strategy, because it seems so limiting.  One store only?  Even though this is not a strategy that works for me in a narrow way, I would agree that my closet is filled with clothing from some stores (Old Navy, Gap, Ann Taylor, LOFT, Target, Ralph Lauren), while there are others I know to stay away from because they just won’t fit right (Limited, Express) or others I can’t shop at because the selection is too overwhelming (Macy’s, Nordstrom).  So while on the whole it is not for me, it’s not so crazy after all.

The strategy I have employed since graduating college is the strategy of multiples.  Love it?  Does it feel good?  Does it fit well?  Does it look nice?  Awesome.  Buy it in more than one print/color.  To see this carried out in a practical way, here is a quick list of some of the “multiple” pieces I own:

  • J Crew Tanks (5)
  • J Crew Perfect Fit Long Sleeve Shirts (7)
  • Merona Nautical Striped Shirt (2)
  • Ann Taylor Cardigan (2)
  • Merona Cardigan (2)
  • J Crew Cardigan (2)
  • Merona Perfect Fit T-Shirt (10)
  • Merona Tunic Length Blouse (2)
  • LOFT Ponte Pants (2)
  • Old Navy Jeggings (2)
  • C9 Shorts (3)
  • JCrew Chino Shorts (4)
  • Merona Pencil Skirts (4)
  • Old Navy Wrap Dress (2)
  • LOFT Sheath Dress (2)
  • Lilly Shifts (5)
  • Brooks Half-Zip Running Top (3)

Which is to say that I have essentially given myself a uniform.  There are different colors/patterns/textures (and yes, I have more clothes in my closet than those I listed above), but at the end of the day, I just don’t have to think that much about getting dressed because it’s all sort of the same.  I can see how this totally wouldn’t work for people who derive a real joy from picking out a completely new outfit when they get dressed each morning.  For me, it’s enough not to worry about whether or not I’ll be comfortable at the end of the day.