Daily Archives: 05.16.2015

Waffle Maker Joy

You guys, I like waffles.  I won’t say I love them, because they are not my most favorite food of all time.  But, I really really do enjoy eating them and I think they make an excellent carb-y base for many a meal.  Real talk: Until yesterday, whenever I had an urge to make waffles, I’d text Galina and we would set a date pull out her waffle maker and do it.  This year, I had it in my head that I would order us a waffle maker as a Valentine’s Day gift, since we didn’t buy any new cookbooks.  Then we went to Italy and we got home and we still didn’t have a waffle maker.

This week that changed!  I ordered the Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker for $26.98 on Amazon (I’m just laying that all out there in case you are similarly inclined to bring a waffle maker into your life).  That seemed like a reasonable outlay for a tool we might not actually end up loving in the end.  If nothing else, the amount of excitement generated by the arrival of the waffle maker was worth the purchase price.

Our first foray into waffle making?  Chicken and waffles.

Waffle 1

Perfect for a Friday night dinner, right?  We were already planning a date night “in” and we had to eat something!

Lis and I were also scheduled for our monthly brunch today and so I asked her if she would have any interest at all in making waffles.  Thank goodness, she did.

Waffle 2

Clearly I assembled the waffle with little or no regard for how the toppings would photograph.  Related/unrelated: Jennie-O turkey sausage links are completely tasteless and I should have just thawed some of the pre-mixed turkey sausage I had in the freezer.

Even though I don’t see us making waffles again for at least another week, I’m excited for us to have another ____ and eggs dinner option available.  Plus who knows, it might actually be nice to make them again for breakfast on the weekends!

Obviously, if you have any favorite waffle recipes or favorite waffle toppings (I am especially curious about savory options!), please tell!