Daily Archives: 05.13.2015

Domestic Dispatch

You guys, I just cannot stop with the hardcore spring cleaning.

The KonMari-ing continues.  Put your hands up if you have a graveyard of old electronics in your house.  Us too!  While I was away last weekend, Marcus took care of getting rid of two old cell phones and an old laptop.  Even though those things don’t take up a lot of space, it’s good to have them gone.

I don’t even want to type this next part, but I have to because The Blog is all about honesty and us finding common ground because our lives are the same in some ways even though we are from all over.  Right?  Right.  So.  I realized last weekend that we did not address a few drawers during our first round of purging.  Fine.  Whatever.  It was not a big deal until Sunday when I got home and Had To Deal With It Immediately.  Between Marcus and I, we came away with a full garbage bag of things to discard, which to be said plainly, is horrific.    On Monday, I did a review of each of our vanity cabinets.  In the basement bathroom, I found a roll of wallpaper that matched the stuff we had removed six years ago.  I honestly have no idea as to how we can continue to find this much unnecessary stuff when we have purged so much already.  It’s embarrassing, really.

On a more uplifting note, a pass through the pantry yielded a bag of food for the food sheld, so that was nice to get together. 

From the department of cozy things, for Mother’s Day, my mother-in-law gave Marcus and me a reverse-gift.  She crocheted us this afghan and I love it sick!


Y’all know I have a serious weakness for handmade things, especially when they are from people I love.

Finally, do you remember when we slashed our cable bill last year?  Well, Comcast finally raised it on us.  And Marcus saw the bill and said, We Will Be Addressing That This Weekend.  There is nothing more painful than fighting with the cable company, dealing with the prospect of cancelling our service and then re-establishing it (and our internet – yikes), but for the amount of money it saves, it’s necessary.

On the bill-slashing front, we’re also re-assessing whether or not it would make sense for us to join-up with one of our families’ plans or not.  The last time we considered this it was not going to save us money, but this time it might and that is worth investigating.  Even $10 a month would be $120 over the course of a year.