Daily Archives: 05.11.2015

Back on the old running trail

Cabin Running

I went for my first run of the season Up North on Sunday morning.  It was a brisk 41 degrees out with a real-feel of 36 degrees.  As we all know, that’s not really within my “acceptable” outdoor running range, but I did it anyway because (1) I really did want to get back on my summer running trail and (2) I didn’t want to have to run at back at home after eating Happy’s for lunch.

We all know how THAT goes.

My reward for this fortitude in the face of less-than-ideal-conditions was a Bald Eagle-spotting mid run.  He was hunting about 15 feet above me and about 15 feet away from me, so that pretty much counts as a wildlife encounter in my book!  As he swooped down and lowered his talons every other loop, I hoped he was going for the fish under the bridge separating Cross Lake from Daggett Lake and not for me!  Thankfully, that last dive brought him down to the water and (hopefully) breakfast.  I’ve watched Eagles hunt before, but to be this close was a pretty cool thing to experience.