Daily Archives: 05.10.2015

Up North At The Cabin Again

Lake 1

I would say that it was the beginning of April when I knew that I needed to go up to the cabin.

Lake 2

As we were driving home, Mom asked me what my favorite part of the weekend was.  My answer?  All of it.

Lake 3

It is so comforting to return to this place year after year.  The same house, yes, but the same water, the same sand and the same wind.

Lake 4

This morning, as I was sitting on the step with my wet feet in the sand, looking out across the water of Big Pine Lake, I had to ask myself how many hours we, grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles and cousins have spent in silence with the water.

Lake 5

It was the fishing opener in Minnesota this weekend.  We were going Up North to open the cabin.  Since our dock and boat are NOT in  yet, I put 2+2 together and let my Uncle Doug know that I would be more than happy to tag along on his Mississippi River fishing outing along with his neighbor Bill.

Over the course of 3.5 hours, he got a Northern, which I totally failed to capture on camera, and I caught weeds and that was it.


Chilling cold aside (there was a point where I was wearing six layers – the life jacket counts as one), it was so excellent to participate in the most Minnesotan of all the holidays.

Up North at The Cabin.  How happy am I.  We went to Zorbaz for dinner where I sourced a Minnesota Margarita.

ZorbazZorbaz 1

Tried the Cubano pizza for the first time (yes – order this) and took home seven plastic cups to replace our decrepit collection in its entirety.

I indulged in my Reed’s donuts-Holiday Hazelnut Coffee habit.


I put my feet up and read a book or two, and everything was right in the world.  According to the calendar, summer has not started yet, but right here summer has started now.