KonMari: The Aftermath

Last week I read the life-changing magic of tidying up.

And then I KonMari-ed our entire house.  What’s sort of scary to say is that after this first round, I’m feeling pretty confident that I could go through the house again and get rid of even more.  Discarding is addicting.

Yesterday, as I was loading up the car to go to the Goodwill (it was stuffed to the gills), Marcus reassured me that I didn’t need to discard things just for the sake of discarding.  I reassured him that I would have no problem finding things that we actually never touched to get rid of.

This snap was taken just before the car loading started.


It was a sort of terrible snap, but I was hoping it would give you a perspective of the 15 bags of possessions that we rounded up.  It’s all in the foreground.

When you’re in the middle of a declutter, the things you find out about your possessions are sort of humorous.  It’s also sort of confusing.

I realized that even after I discarded three blankets, we still had 14 blankets left in the house.  I think we’ll make it through the next winter.

I discovered that I am a hoarder of bags.  I found one stash of paper bags from retail stores at the mall.  I found another stash of European grocery bags in our linen cabinet.  Neither of these stashes has been touched in years.

I had four pairs of slacks in the closet even though I haven’t worn slacks to work in two years.  I now own one pair of slacks.

I had a half-shelf full of books I had never read or was never going to read again.  Now, I have a half-shelf that is pleasantly empty.

I found out that scattered between the house and the garage, Marcus had six pairs of “work shoes.”  We have reduced that number to two.

While I don’t know that the actual message of the book compelled me to declutter on this scale, the act of reading the book gave me permission to discard things that I otherwise would have kept.  Possibly for years.  The funny thing is that no sooner had I started reading than I knew exactly what needed to go.  Like I said before, giving myself permission to discard was key.


5 responses to “KonMari: The Aftermath

  1. Love it! I am slowing getting rid of stuff and will be moving soon, thankfully I’m currently at my parents house, so my plan is to move only what I absolutely need, and slowly get rid of the things I’m holding on to for “someday”.

  2. I am seriously inspired. It will be worth my Kindle money.

  3. Pierced Wonderings

    We’re getting ready to really tart this process. We’re in the process of buying a house and there is no way I want to cart all this crap into another house. There are so many things that need to go. I’m actually looking forward to letting it go. I think it’s going to be a different experience for my husband.

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