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BRK 2015: We Bought Some Stuff

Last post on Berkshire Hathaway weekend, kittens.  I promise!

Part of the fun during the annual shareholders meeting is the exhibit hall in the CenturyLink Center.  Berkshire subsidiaries exhibit, and pretty much anyone who can actually sell a product creates some sort of commemorative arrangement that features (A) likenesses of Warren and Charlie, (B) Berkshire’s stock symbols, or (C) both.  As an added bonus, most everything is sold at some sort of discount, which creates the perfect storm.

As Mom and Dad arrived in Omaha on Friday morning, they did some preemptive shopping for us.

Snap 1

Berky Boxers!  Berky Bra!  Berky T-Shirt!  Heinz Ketchup and Mustard!  M&Ms!  See’s Candy!  I’m not going to lie, I really appreciated them doing that because it meant that on annual meeting morning, we were free to wander to our hearts content instead of standing in lines on lines on lines on lines.

What is more fun than going from here.

Snap 2

To here.

Snap 7

To the exhibit floor!

We ate mini Dairy Queen Blizzards (Oreo flavored) at 8:00 AM.

Snap 5

Yes it was 2nd breakfast and they were $2 only.

Met Watson.

Snap 6

Checked out the most incredible BNSF model railroad.

Snap 3 Knowing how wildly impressive this is to me as a 27-year-old who has no interest in model trains, I can only begin to wonder how the train enthusiasts might feel.

I didn’t have any Warren or Bill Gates sightings, but let’s be honest this situation was never going to repeat itself and we still had a good time. 😉  Plus, we had to scamper back from the exhibit floor to get back to our seats in time for the meeting!