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BRK 2015: Invest In Yourself 5k Race Recap

Woohoo!  First, and possibly only race of 2015 on the books!


Berkshire Hathaway owns Brooks Running.  When I learned this fact probably four years ago, I was deeply pleased because all of my running shoes are Brooks.  I think the shoes are high quality, and over the course of what is now five years, I’ve probably burned through 20 or so pairs.  It feels a lot better to shell out that amount of cash when you know it is going back to the company.

ANYWAY.  Brooks evangelism aside there was this race, the Brooks Running Invest In Yourself 5k, as yet another part of Berkshire Hathaway weekend.  It is way nicer than any other 5k you’ll run at the price point of $35.  There was this fancy start line.

Starting Gate

As I’m sure you can see, there were also Brooks technical tees for the participant shirts – this is the only race on earth where everyone wears the shirt to the start line.  I do not run in t-shirts and these were unisex so I got mine in Marcus’ size.

There were two water stops.

And these ridiculous medals.


My finishing time, as promised, was not a PR but it was 26:53.  That is not too bad!

Before Berkshire weekend, I told Mom and Dad that I didn’t think I would see any Berkshire CEOs up close until race day and of those, I specifically felt that I would see Todd Combs and Ted Weschler.  Well.  As I was running past the 3 mile marker, I saw a man wearing the #2 bib clapping on the left side of the course, cheering for those of us who were finishing after him.  I raised my hand and said “thank you” because as we all know, post-race spectating is somewhat thankless.  He smiled and waved back.  I remembered his number because #2 is a really low bib number to have and usually the elites are the runners wearing the low numbers.  I made a mental note to look #2 up when the race results were posted.  As luck would have it, #2 was Ted Weschler.  Par for the course.