Basement Bathroom Updates

Six years ago, when Marcus and I were looking at houses, we saw one townhouse with a yellow bathroom.  Marcus was particularly taken by it and we agreed that The House We Bought could have a yellow bathroom in it as well.  It wasn’t my favorite idea, but marriage is about compromise, right?

So Marcus bought The Townhouse and the bathroom in the man cave was painted a lemon-y yellow color.

And I despised it.  It was too lemon-y for the size of the space and it was just really hard on the eyes.  Of course, the correct course of action in this situation was to Not Deal With It For The Next Six Years.

For the past few months (read: Since we updated the tile in our master bathroom), I’ve been inspired to Do Something about that lemon-y basement bathroom – I even made a Pinterest board!  This weekend I had the energy to tackle it.  This was also an exciting project because I have only helped to paint once before and I was banned from painting after that, so this was a chance to start fresh.


Snap 1

Since the tile floor is not going to be replaced under any circumstances and it is a rather distinctive shade of blue, my goal has always been to neutralize it as much as possible.

The samples up for consideration.

Snap 2

Once I taped the samples up, I went out to the garage to determine what the initial paint color was, to make sure we weren’t going to accidentally re-paint it the exact same color.  We also agree that if I picked out the same color, the project would be scuttled.  Thank goodness I didn’t!  We ended up going from Behr’s Yellow Brick Road to Behr’s Lemon Souffle.

After painting.

Snap 3

Paint dry + new towels.

Snap 4

I know the color difference is not huge.  I think it was a single colorway up on the Behr paint scale.  I liked the depth/saturation of the color in the space, I just needed it to be a little bit…warmer.  I feel like this color achieved that aim.

My next project is to sand the vanity down and repaint it in white.  I think it will make the bathroom look a little bit fresher.  After this is complete, I’ll decide what we’re going to do about the towel rack/toilet paper dispenser/wood paneled cabinet and if those will be repainted in white as well or if the towel rack/toilet paper dispenser will be replaced all together.  If we replace them, I think I’m going to re-purpose one of the towel racks from our upstairs bathroom, as a part of the continual overhaul that is taking place there.  Stay tuned!

2 responses to “Basement Bathroom Updates

  1. Guess I’m out of a job 😉

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