Reverb 15 | April | Daily Life

#reverb15 is the opportunity for us to reflect and project throughout 2015.   Each month, Meredith, Sarah and I will be posting on a new prompt.  Join us by writing, or join us by reading. No matter what you choose, come with us.

Daily Life: Show us a day or a week of your life! Include pictures!

Friday – Friyay!  Please tell me I’m not the only one who felt like this was the longest week ever. 

By the point I realized that I had not taken an outfit snap, there were no mirrors to be found.  So I tried to do that pose that serious fashion bloggers do to show their outfits off.  Let me know how I did.

Snap 1

Marcus has every other Friday off.  Every once in a while, he takes a bit of that Friday to bring me cupcakes at work from Sweet Retreat.

Snap 2

I love him.

I got an e-mail today, telling me that I did not have to volunteer this week (I volunteer after work most Fridays) and as much as I enjoy volunteering, I did not mind the chance to go straight home and call it a day.  Once I got home, I power walked.  It’s Friday.  What else is new.

Snap 3

Post-walk, it was time to change and get going for dinner.  For the entirety of this week, I have been dreaming of wearing Lilly.  Knowing that it was 48 and raining, I still picked out this outfit, but then I chickened out when I looked out the window.

Snap 4

I ultimately ended up with the vastly more practical blanket scarf.  I really thought I would be done with that for the season, but apparently not.Snap 5

On our drive to South Minneapolis for dinner, I cracked open a can of Canada Dry.  I’m usually a LaCroix person, but a 12 pack of Canada Dry was on sale for $3.29 each.  Considering LaCroix is routinely $4.99, I was willing to give Canada Dry a try.  Snap 6

So far, I am thinking I would extend my trial for another 12 pack or so and then make a decision.  It is not disappointing, but it’s also not…LaCroix.

For dinner, we headed out to Revival, which is a new restaurant in South Minneapolis.Snap 7

They don’t take reservations and then you have to wait in line forever.  But that’s okay, because you also order a lifetime worth of food.  Snap 8

Which, after Marcus hocus-pocus-ed it onto our table, we ate.  All of the food was delicious, but honestly, my favorite were the hush puppies.  I am a shameless hush puppy lover.

We have officially survived another week-in-the-life kittens, and I must say, it is exhausting.  In some ways, it’s a really fun activity because it forces me to write less, but blog more at the same time.  In other ways, it’s just…a lot of blogging.  That being said, I’ve gotten a lot of feedback that you really enjoy these posts so we’ll see if I can’t plan another week-in-the-life sooner than later.

One response to “Reverb 15 | April | Daily Life

  1. This week WAS The Longest Ever. We survived.

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