Friday Food Round-Up!

What to say about this week. I mixed up two pounds of homemade (turkey) breakfast sausage and froze it in half pound servings.  I made two peanut butter pies.  Since we really didn’t cook this week, I also made a batch of chickpea salad that I completely forgot to photograph.

Wednesday – Better Than Grandma’s Meatloaf from The Williams-Sonoma Bride & Groom First and Forever Cookbook, Oven Fries, Steamed Asparagus


Look at us, trying out a new meatloaf recipe!  This dinner actually called for one pound of ground meat and then another half pound of breakfast sausage.  I can honestly say I wouldn’t have visioned those two together in a meatloaf but it was, of course, good.  I’ve also found that meatloaf is probably going to be the #1 way that we use up our leftover matzo from Passover.  Instant bread crumbs!


2 responses to “Friday Food Round-Up!

  1. Gosh I love that cookbook. It was one of our first things in the looooong process of Packing All The Things and I hear it calling to me from inside a cardboard prison!

  2. Oh girl… you have to try this one. I’m not a huge meatloaf lover, I think it’s a ketchup. This one is with salsa. Je l’adore. It doesn’t even need salsa or guac on top, but why not add guac?! 😉

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