Reverb 15 | April | Daily Life

#reverb15 is the opportunity for us to reflect and project throughout 2015.   Each month, Meredith, Sarah and I will be posting on a new prompt.  Join us by writing, or join us by reading. No matter what you choose, come with us. Daily Life: Show us a day or a week of your life! Include pictures! Monday.  AKA the one day of the week that no one would ever willingly re-live.  But here we are!  Reliving it! I drank coffee again at breakfast and it was pretty great.  I also ate the other half of the avocado that I chopped in half on Sunday. Snap 1 Avocado toast = so innovative, I know.  I mean, really, I’ve probably been eating it for the last three or so years as breakfast or lunch, depending on what food was or was not in the pantry. This was the outfit that I wore to work.  It’s a classic winter workhorse, so I thought that its time had passed until next fall.  Today the forecast was 40s and gusting winds.  I had to go for it. Snap 2 I forgot to snap pictures of the green juice I drank for morning snack and the chickpea salad I ate for lunch.  But I did remember to snap a photo of these really lovely, ripe strawberries that I ate as afternoon snack. Snap 3 If you’re not eating all of the spring strawberries, we probably need to have a talk.  They have just been So Delicious this year. After wrapping up my snack, I headed downstairs to workout and watch The Royals.  It is so phenomenally bad, which as we all know means that I cannot look away. Snap 4 It was power walking day, so I did that for an hour.  Mondays + Fridays = Power Walking Days.  All Other Days = Running Days. Snap 5 Once that had wrapped-up, Eli and I had our monthly dinner get-together.  Lately we have been big fans of grabbing D’Amico’s and then hauling it back to her house for feasting. Snap 6 Easy and delicious. I got the salad sampler with the Shrimp + Farro Salad, the White Bean + Vegetable Salad, and the Roasted Vegetables/Mozzarella/Romesco salad. None of those are the actual names of the salads.  They’re simply my best interpretations. Snap 7 After dinner, I came home and settled in for some good old fashioned blogging and QVC-watching.  Act surprised. Snap 8 As a point of clarification, do I ever home shop?  Absolutely not.  I truly love watching QVC because it is just so phenomenally mindless and some evenings, you really just need to watch something that is pointless.

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  1. That salad looks up my alley!

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