Fair Weather Date Night

Last summer, Marcus and I started walking to the local Dairy Queen probably once a week for ice cream.

Walk 1

Since the shop itself is just a little over a mile away from our house, it’s really the perfect activity because the whole adventure lasts an hour from start to finish and we walk just enough that it is a no guilt ice cream treat!

It sort of reminds me of when I was a little pup, these after dinner treat-walks.  You see, the house we live in now is a mile or so from the house I lived in until the age of four.  And on the evenings when the weather was good, back in 1990 (AKA The Day), Dad used to take Billy and I on walks to the PDQ gas station next to the Dairy Queen to get free cookies.  I would get an M&M cookie and it was just so excellent.

Well, the PDQ gas station is now a BP and there are no cookies in sight, only cookie dough.

Walk 2

Even though we walked and ate gelato all throughout Italy, this was our first (American) ice cream walk of the season.  It might have been just a bit brusque with the wind and the sun setting behind the trees, but we couldn’t be contained any longer.

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