A Mini-Movie Night

Oh man, gang.  On Tuesday night, I got caught with some sort of spring chest cold that has just refused to budge.  We are talking cough so hard my abs hurt-intense all day long and then wake up at night and cough.  It is really not great.  I would not wish it on anyone.

In other fascinating news (in case me having a disruptively-loud cough wasn’t what you came to the blog for today), I watched Rio 2 tonight on HBO On Demand.  I watched Rio on our flight home from Amsterdam because I needed something light-hearted and mindless.  It ended up being REALLY cute.  When I saw Rio 2 was available on On Demand, it was a no-brainer.  Who wouldn’t want to see a second movie about Blue Macaws in Brazil?

And with that, I need to tuck myself in to bed, because this cold needs to get kicked.  But seriously, watch Rio and Rio 2.

3 responses to “A Mini-Movie Night

  1. Get better soon! Had bronchitis in the fall. For a moth. it was terrible, so I totally feel for you. Stay hydrated, get lots of sleep, and do everything else they say to do 🙂

  2. Month, not moth. haha

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