A New Rug (and some other upcoming projects)

From the ongoing department of Things My Parents Are Purging From Their House, we now have this new kitchen rug.


True story, when we got back from Italy, I was heart set on washing all of our rugs.  Don’t ask, it was sort of just the beginning of what is an ongoing spring cleaning and the list of things to do is (obviously) long.  Anyway, the bathroom rugs did just fine in the wash, and the kitchen rug basically disintegrated.   Awkward.

Conveniently, this rug was stashed away in their basement, and it sort of looked like our old one, so it’s ours now.

Like I said before, it’s spring cleaning time.  Hooray.  On the counsel of Katie*, we will not be washing our windows until some point in April because the dust needs to settle.  With that in mind, our external windows haven’t been washed since Marcus bought the house in 2009, so it is BADLY needed.  I think we are going to be very impressed by how much brighter it is inside!

Another project we want to tackle is tearing out the carpet in our basement entryway and tiling that area.  I don’t know on what advice the previous owners decided to put white carpet down in front of the door leading in from our garage, but understandably the destruction has been total.  Maybe this counts less as spring cleaning and more as renovation.

In that same vein, there are a few other painting projects that I’m looking into, but those (along with the ongoing search for our main floor bathroom vanity and some new blinds for the window in the basement) are a bit longer term and we haven’t nailed anything down quite yet.  It will be interesting to see what makes it out of the brainstorming phase and into reality.

Do you have any spring cleaning or renovation plans?

One response to “A New Rug (and some other upcoming projects)

  1. Ohh man…the joys of being a homeowner! I’ve started adding things like “wipe down baseboards” to my list because I haven’t done much beyond the dishes and the trash since baby was born. I’m not looking forward to it.

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