Daily Archives: 03.27.2015

Friday Food Round-Up!

This week I dusted off a few of my old favorite cookbooks by Nigella and I am so glad I did.  There are actually a slew of recipes that used to be in our rotation on a regular basis and there are a number of recipes I think we need to try.

Sunday – Crisp Chicken Cutlets with Salad on the Side from Nigella Kitchen


This is a new-to-us recipe even though I am sure I have flipped past it dozens of times.  It is essentially a different twist on Mustard Milanese from The Smitten Kitchen and a delightful one it is.  The breading on this includes parmesan cheese, celery salt and cayenne pepper which gives it an 11/10 kick.  Instead of fennel and mustard vinaigrette, the greens are topped with marinated tomatoes.  We’ll be eating this again.

Tuesday – Curry in a Hurry from Nigella Express


This curry recipe is an old favorite.  Without any prep work (excluding the chicken thighs that I had been thawing in the fridge for a few days), I was able to get the entire meal chopped and simmering in 15 minutes.  This dinner is a great one to stretch out a few pieces of meat because the recipe calls for edamame AKA a second source of protein.  Love it.

Thursday – Chickpea Salad


It’s official you guys.  Chickpea salad is officially a hybrid of several chickpea salads.  I needed to toss together a quick dinner post-bachelorette party.  There’s also the small detail that we’re pretty much down to scraps for the weekend in our fridge, AKA eggs, potatoes, and avocados.  This will give us something to munch on for the next few days.