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Reverb 15 | February | Love

#reverb15 is the opportunity for us to reflect and project throughout 2015.   Each month, Meredith, Sarah and I will be posting on a new prompt.  Join us by writing, or join us by reading. No matter what you choose, come with us.

Wuv, twue wuv…Love is strange:What characteristic or habit of yours is so odd, you’d be mortified if your partner ever discovered it? Alternatively, what makes you a total goober and your other half still loves you for it? If you’re single, let your freak flag fly and tell us about what you’re afraid might turn off a potential mate.

Don’t mind me you guys, I’m just playing catch-up with our Reverb prompts!

I don’t know that I have a secret habit that Marcus would find to be off-putting, though it would also be sort of pointless to share that here, since he reads the blog.

When we were driving to dinner the other night, there is an incident that he brought up that I do feel would be a fitting tale for this prompt.

I don’t know that I’ve blogged at length about my ears on the blog.  Really, there’s not a lot to say there on a daily basis.  But, for those members of the group who are behind and/or do not know, I have crappy ears.  I’ve gotten ear infections my entire life.  I’ve ruptured my ear drums because of said ear infections more times than I could count and/or remember, and in eighth grade, I got flesh eating strep in my right ear (true story) and I feel like that really tells you everything you need to know.

Anyhow.  I want to say that as Marcus and I were coming up on a year of dating, I was spending the night at his house.  There are many details that are hazy, but I do remember for a fact that this was Mother’s Day eve.  I had been fending off a cold for a while and that evening, my cold turned into a full-fledged ear infection, which early the next morning (AKA on Mother’s Day) turned into a ruptured ear drum and the unholy mess that goes along with that.

So here I am, at my boyfriend’s house, in indescribable pain with fluid running from my ear, asking him if he will please take me to urgent care and from there to my parents’ house.  Because…Mother’s Day.  It was not my most attractive moment.

And all the while, the only soundtrack  running through my head was This is it.  This is the end.  There is literally no way he is going to want to stay with me after this.  And yet, after the ruptured ear drum and the subsequent early AM urgent care trip and the drive of shame to my parents house (complete with a second rupture!), he did not run away.  That last sentence says it all.

He did not run away.  I guess I’ll keep him. 😉