Daily Archives: 03.15.2015

Back at Home

We landed in Minneapolis yesterday at 5:30 PM.  We were home by 7:00 PM.  I had started my laundry by 7:15 PM.  We were eating dinner by 8:00 PM.  By 8:30 PM we were going on nearly 24 hours of being awake and I collapsed into bed.  What actually happened: I was standing in the kitchen at 8:15 PM, and suddenly, everything felt very heavy, and I knew that if I did not tuck myself in, I was going to fall asleep standing up!

I did wake up a few times during the night, but 10.5 hours later, I finally woke up properly to greet the day.  Sleep.  How magical.

Sunrises: Also so magical.


In the past, we have returned home from vacation one day and have headed straight back to work the next day.  This time…we didn’t do that.  It has honestly been so nice to have a day just to ourselves to relax and get our lives in order for the week ahead!  Also, after spending so much time together (and without anyone else) it gave us the chance to spend the day apart!  Marcus commandeered the basement, and I engaged in my favorite pastime of watching terrible reality TV on Marcus’ side of the bed.

I feel like now is also the time to give the full disclosure that I am just inordinately happy to be home.  Italy was just an incredible trip that we were so lucky to be able to take.  But it has also been pretty splendid to be home, sleeping in our own beds, enjoying our routine, and having a day without a schedule (or plans!).

We are having just a banner day in Minnesota.  68 degrees, sun and a scattering of clouds.  Spring pretty much started last week and the snow has completely melted.  It was actually warmer here than it was in Italy.  I went for a run outside (first one in 17 days!) and that was a really splendid way to kick off spring for us at home.

I did some online shoe shopping – I sourced two pairs of running shoes (on sale!) and a pair of nude pumps because winter wrecked my old pair.  I ate sushi for lunch.  I folded a monstrous pile of laundry.  I drank LaCroix!

Does this feel like a Dear Diary, entry yet?  Because it sort of is.  Anyway.  We are home.  It is good.