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Dispatch from Italy: Naples

Today, we are heading home. At last. If we may be so honest, I am a good traveler/vacationer for about 10 days.  And after that, it just starts to get…long. But there is no time for whining because we had more things to see than 10 days could possibly hold!

We spent our last three days in Italy in Naples.  Most guidebooks recommend a day trip from Rome (certainly feasible) or getting lodging in Sorrento. We did neither and stayed in the city to See Antiquities and Eat A Lot Of Neapolitan Pizza. 

We were successful in both.  Our guidebook for this last leg of the trip was a 2011 copy of Rick Steves on Naples and the Amalfi Coast. I picked it up for $2 at a library book sale probably two or three months ago?  Anyway, again for our mild lack of planning, it was super helpful.  We visited the archaeological museum, which is where all of the sculptures and frescoes from Pompeii are now housed. 

We went up to the crater of Mount Vesuvius. 

I wish I could make it sound sort of poetically pretty but it was barren and brutal and it was snowing and there were 40 MPH wind gusts coming off of the rim of the crater.  So maybe that is how it was really supposed to be. 

We visited Pompeii. 

Which was really quite incredible. It is always surreal to see things you have been reading about for years and years. 

And we ate a lot of Neapolitan style pizza.

It was delicious, of course.  After three lunches and theee dinners of the stuff it is safe to say that we have had quite the experience. 

With that, it is time for us to begin the long journey home. We will be awake/traveling for nearly 24 hours straight, so the thought of being reunited with our bed tonight sounds quite excellent. 

Arrivederci Italia!