Friday Food Round-Up!

I’ll be honest. I didn’t have any material for this week’s Friday Food Round-Up before we left for Italy. But on our first night in Florence, we were so wiped out that the idea of sitting through an entire dinner sounded unbearable.  Heck, the idea of being awake sounded unbearable. 

So we headed to the corner grocery store and I assembled this. 

Not so bad, right? Lest you think I am that put-together traveler who breezes into the deli section of a foreign grocery store and orders things straight from the case, everything except for the bread came straight out of the refrigerated section. No shame in my game. 

Tomorrow, we get home and right now I am giving massive amounts of thanks to Past Kat. There is some Chicken Tikka Masala and some Channa Masala in the freezer waiting to be pressed into action for a Welcome Home dinner. There is a meal plan (and grocery list!) for next week hanging on the fridge so we can simply slip back into the routine that is Home. 


2 responses to “Friday Food Round-Up!

  1. I’ve loved reading about your trip as you were experiencing some of it.

    P.S. Those are my favorite kind of meals while traveling! 🙂

  2. That looks remarkably similar to our first night dinner in London 10 years ago. And for the same reasons.

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