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America, The Roadtrip: Odessa

The drive from Marfa to Lubbock is about five or so hours.  There’s really only one route back and that drives you straight through Midland and Odessa.  There are miles of hill country (we drove on a ranch road for the first hour of the drive) and that gives way to miles of oil wells.

If you want to see something bizarre, drive through an oil town during a boom (and on the edge of a crash) on a weekend.  It looks no different than an ordinary weekday.

Friday Night Lights was released as a movie in the fall of 2004.  I know everyone has watched the TV show, but once upon a time it was a real story in an actual book about real things that happened in Odessa, Texas.  That is the Friday Night Lights I know.  In that fall of 2004, my senior year of high school, I was captain of the cheerleading squad and Billy played on the football team.  Our football team took second place in the AAAAA state championship.  I graduated, Billy kept playing.  The next year they would win their first state championship.

I wanted to stop in Odessa because I wanted to see Ratliff Stadium.


Number 65

I wanted to stop in Odessa because the best stories in life are true.