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America, The Roadtrip: Marfa, TX


You guys, Marfa is really hard to explain.   But if you really want to understand this love child of Brooklyn and Minneapolis, planted 30-ish miles away from the Mexico border, I would say that this Wikipedia page is your best bet.  And if you don’t read it, just know that I want you to imagine the hippest place you have ever been and then imagine a place that is a hundred times more hip.  This is Marfa.

We drove straight to Marfa from Carlsbad and it was quite the sunset haul through the Guadalupe mountain range and the West Texas sunset.

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As we drove into Marfa, we listed to Marfa Public Radio as they talked about Guantanamo, and did the evening’s Astrology forecast.  For those who were wondering, the Eye of Taurus was especially present and rising directly beneath the moon.

Yes, seriously.

The big sight to see in the area is actually Prada Marfa.  We caught it once at night and then drove back the next morning to see it by daylight.

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We stayed at the same hotel that Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean stayed at during the filming of Giant.  I think had we been in Marfa for more than 12 hours, this would have been more interesting, but we simply didn’t have the time to think about it.  What we did have the time to do was go out for dinner at Cochineal.

It was a pretty phenomenal meal.

First course: House Baked Bread With Marfa Yeasts


Second course: Black Caesar Salad


It was Billy’s first grilled caesar salad and we were both extremely glad that we ordered our own instead of trying to share.

Main course: Ribeye (for him) and White Bean Soup and Three Cheese and Bread Souffle (for her)



The souffle was eat ’til it hurts incredible.

After dinner we set out to check out the night scene around town.  Wearing our flannels and surrounded by hipsters wearing mom jeans and using coin purses to carry money, we really felt like we were in our element.

But the icing on the cake was the Museum of Electronic Wonders.  We found them on Yelp because of their late night grilled cheese kitchen (seriously, the place is open 7-8 hours per week).

Billy and I walked in astonished to find two of the employees/residents trying to troubleshoot a malfunctioning eight track player that would only play The Rolling Stones.  One girl’s solution was to bring her own eight track player in since it played everything.



In case you are wondering where all of the remaining eight track players are, they are in Marfa.

As fascinating as that discussion was to witness, we did actually intend to order food AKA grilled cheeses while were there.  I’m still not entirely sure if the act of ordering and receiving them was performance art or if the place had any sort of certified kitchen, but we were really there for the experience more than anything else.  After receiving change for our order in dollar coins, which was simultaneously shocking and not shocking at all, we took our sandwiches and were on our way.