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America, The Roadtrip: Carlsbad, New Mexico

Our second New Mexico stop was Carlsbad.  To see the caverns, obviously.  And if this is the point where you are starting to think, Kat this was a ton of driving, you are right, I think it was.  Over the course of three days we covered something like 1500 miles.

In order to get from Point A to Point B, we drove through the Lincoln National Forest, which just like everything else, was shockingly beautiful.

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It also gave way to a two hour drive where Billy and I sped through the countryside without seeing another car or another house.  It was so, incredibly desolate.

Just like White Sands, the Carlsbad Caverns were nearly completely empty on a weekday at the beginning of December.  We were truly so lucky to be able to experience them that way.  I’m sure that they are just fine to see in the summer or over a holiday weekend, but it was a completely different experience to see them by ourselves.  We also took a guided tour of some of the smaller caverns, which I would highly recommend.

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The view towards the Guadalupe mountains from the outside of the caverns was equally as impressive in its own way.