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America, The Roadtrip: Alamogordo, New Mexico

Even though reason number one for visiting Billy was to be able to participate in the Carol of Lights, the real reason for visiting was to be able to head off on a little American Southwest road trip!

As we headed straight west out of Lubbock, we were impressed to see a solid hundred miles or so of cotton fields at harvest time.


There is a 100% chance that I made Billy pull over so that we could harvest and inspect a cotton ball.  There is also a 100% chance that we learned all about the harvesting and baling of cotton c/o The Internet.  As the cotton fields disappeared, they quickly gave way to miles and miles of sky as we came off of the Caprock.


The sky in New Mexico is just absolutely endless.  I have never seen a sky so wide that stretches so far.

On our way to Alamogordo, we drove through Roswell.  These lampposts were hilarious.


Also hilarious: their McDonalds, which was designed to look like a space ship.

Our intended destination was Alamogordo, New Mexico, which is the home of White Sands National Monument.  One part National Park-style arrangement, and one part missile testing range, it is a strange oasis in the central-southwestern part of New Mexico.

We visited the missile range first.  There is a museum located there where you can see casings for a number of missiles and bombs that have been developed.

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This one was a little bit terrifying.


And then we went to the national monument.  What was so incredible about this trip is that because we were visiting on a weekday at the beginning of December, the park was almost completely empty.  As we walked out onto the sands they were completely silent and completely empty.


We were also informed by the national park service website that you could purchase saucers to go sledding on the dunes.  So we did a little bit of that, too.



But really it was just so incredible to be out there together and alone.

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