Daily Archives: 03.03.2015

Dispatch from Italy: Venice


To be honest, when we started planning our trip, I wasn’t leaping to go. I heard it was dirty, I heard it was stinky and I heard it sometimes floods. But Marcus wanted to and I begrudgingly agreed because an outpost of the Guggenheim was here. 

Remember how much I love the water?  Please imagine if you will, how splendid it is to be in a city whose public transportation is…a ferry.  We have already ridden on it three times. Not that I am keeping track (but maybe I am).  Marcus says the look on my face when we got on the boat was just fantastic. There are no cars, which is honestly a relief after the esoteric road rules in Florence. Truly I am thankful that one of us was not struck down. 

Everything is beautiful, the people are friendly, this afternoon we had our own personal tour of the Jewish Ghetto (off-season travel is superior in all ways) and saw a really interesting exhibit on the history of Jewish book printing. 

Also, I’d just like to take a moment to give a shout out to my Mom, who has been amassing thrift shopped guidebooks for us over the past year.  She didn’t know we were unplanning (aka not planning) our trip, but for better or worse we have been. They were invaluable to us today as we took the train from Florence to Venice and spent that time planning, juice boxes of wine in hand, learning what was important to see.  I can only imagine how helpful they will be as we plan the other half of our time in Rome. 

We’re still going strong on Italian wine and cured meats so, it’s pretty safe to say that we are living the dream.