America, The Roadtrip: The Carol of Lights

Last December, I went to Lubbock to visit Billy.  Like a good 50% of the vacations I go on, I completely forgot to write about this one until way after the fact.  Anyway, while we’re off cavorting around Italy, this will give us the time to work through this, no?


The real reason for my trip was to go and see the Carol of Lights, which is Texas Tech’s annual Christmas tradition.  The entire campus is darkened, they have a torchlight parade, and after a number of carols are sung and speeches are given, the campus is lit up in Christmas lights.  It’s pretty cool to see.


Billy was one of the organizers, so for him this event was a REALLY big deal.  It also meant that I got to experience the Carol of Lights in a way that 99% of attendees never will!  First things first, we headed off to the pre-Carol banquet.  It was a great chance to meet some of his co-workers and the students he works with.  I planned a black and red outfit in order to work the Red Raider theme appropriately.


And then we rode in a stretch hummer to the main event.  How Fancy, I Know!


20,000 people from the Lubbock community come to participate.  But because of Billy, I was in the middle of the action.

To get an idea of just how in the middle of the action we were, take a look at 50:59 – 54:32.  Billy and I are to the right of the soloist.  It was a pretty exciting way to experience the evening!


Of course after a long day of travel, a nearly-lost bag and a late night run to the Lubbock Walmart for the odd grocery (and some Blue Bell Christmas Cookie Ice Cream!) I was totally wiped out, but what a way to kick off our trip!


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