Dispatch from Italy: Florence

We are in Italy and as you can see, we’re doing awesome.  I have to be totally honest, when Mom said we were going to Florence two years ago, I said we were all in but I had literally no idea as to what was actually in Florence. And over the two years we had to prepare I did…no preparing (it helps massively when someone in your party wants to design an itinerary and you don’t have to do it!). So when we landed yesterday and visited Santa Maria Novella, we realized that we would have to spend Friday night studying up on the city, causes of the Renaissance, etc.  Good news: we did that and we are in the know now!  

Sure there have been a few hiccups here and there. Like when I described several painted icons as “angels attacking people with laserbeams” and we later learned that they were people receiving the stigmata.  Or the part where today I learned that Michaelangelo’s David was The David of David and Goliath. A question you might ask now: Is our children learning?

We have eaten prosciutto three meals in a row.  The gelato is great. We are in the chianti heartland for the time being.  Marcus managed to locate the Italian version of QVC and based on what we saw last night, they have a lot of catching up to do.  America has really got home shopping down to a science.  From the picstitch above, you can see that Marcus and I are terrible at novelty photography because I am very clearly NOT holding an obelisk on my back. But A+ for effort!  We will not be deterred from trying again. 

I hope all is well with you!


2 responses to “Dispatch from Italy: Florence

  1. Gelato in Italy is beyond amazing. I’ve never been to Florence. It looks lovely.

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