Things That Are True Today: Packing Edition

Most important order of business: I Am Packed!  The amount of crap we’re bringing (read: clothing) is borderline obnoxious but I also have to keep reminding myself that we will be gone for 17 days and that is a really long time.  Whenever I think about how much less I could take, I also remind myself of That One Time In 2006 where our family “backpacked” through Europe for a week using school-sized backpacks and we were just filthy by the end of it.

See also: Heidelberg 2006.


And London 2006.


I know that last week I did some shopping.  For those of you needing your LOL of the week, I am pretty sure that the leggings I bought are maternity.  No I am not pregnant and No they were not listed as such, but when I tried them on I discovered there was a full-on belly panel.  With that in mind, when I tried them on, I also realized that by day 10 of the trip, depending on how our feasting is going, I may be really glad to see that belly panel.  No Shame In My Game.

I made the executive decision not to pack riding boots for this trip.  I am Hardcore Conflicted About This, but at the end of the day, I simply don’t want to commit to wearing them each time we travel to a new city, nor do I want to have to deal with hauling them about in my suitcase.

Anyway, right now I’m enjoying a Manhattan and watching QVC by myself on Marcus’ side of the bed (AKA The Ultimate Luxury).  Tomorrow night at this time, we will be on an airplane! The forecast for Friday in Florence is 61 degrees, which means that it is very nearly springtime for our family.


2 responses to “Things That Are True Today: Packing Edition

  1. Have an amazing time!! I can’t wait to hear about all of the food and adventures when you guys return :).

  2. Springtime. I give a big hurray for that! Have a blast.

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