Pre-Vacation Shopping

You guys.  We leave for Italy in…nine days.  Which is actually terrifying because I thought we had 10 days.  But clearly we do not.

I have yet to make an actual packing list (see also: that is what I will be doing once I am done typing this post), but as I was going through my mental inventory, I realized that I don’t actually own enough pairs of pants to be away from home for…17 days.  In case anyone is wondering what the correct number of pants is, it is five.  Enter: another pair of completely overpriced yet totally durable pair of ponte pants from LOFT.

I also realized that I have very literally worn holes in my nearly four-year old pair revas that I bought to wear for our wedding.  Enter: a new pair of revas.  Pray for my feet as I trot around Italy in these.


And because I’ve been meaning to do it and I haven’t…Enter: a blanket scarf from American Eagle as well.  I know I already ordered this gorgeous wool wrap, but I think that something a little bit bigger and a little bit lighter might be better for travel.  The latest possible arrival date for it is 2/27 and if it shows up on my doorstep any day after 2/25, I will be out of luck, but this is the least essential piece.

Aerie Scarf

The weather while we are there should be high 40s to low 60s.  AKA tropical compared to Minnesota.  I am very much looking forward to spring come early!


2 responses to “Pre-Vacation Shopping

  1. Pre-vacation shopping is the best! I had a hard time packing for our honeymoon, which was about the same length – it was warmer though, so I managed to roll up 13 dresses and 2 pairs of pants. Have so much fun!

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