One of Those Days

Sometimes, you have those days where you get home from work and all you want for dinner is a glass of wine and a plate of french fries.  And yoga pants.  And a table that is maybe really a blanket spread over your lap on the couch.  Tell me I am not the only one!  Also, please ignore the fact that this was 28% of my dinners last week.  At least I am consistent.

What I actually had to eat for dinner (hard life, I know) was Whole Foods Salad Bar with Jillian.  I know that yesterday I waxed poetic about true friendship, but the one that I missed was that True Friendship is: When I don’t want to eat salad for dinner, but to keep the charade up, we both roam the salad bar and pick out salads and/or toppings where the primary ingredient is meat or pasta.

Which is to say nothing of our second lap around the grocery store when paczki and bars (chocolate peanut butter and oreo) were purchased.  To protect the identities of the innocent, I won’t say who got what.

But maybe when I got home (or maybe not) I shared my bar bounty with Marcus and it was good, except for the part where I very nearly flung my slice of the chocolate peanut butter bar to its death on the floor.  Let’s just say I am supremely thankful that Marcus swept the house on Sunday and that our floors are clean.

Hello and goodbye to Monday.


3 responses to “One of Those Days

  1. Sounds like the 10 second rule was applied…when chocolate and peanut butter are involved, that is a must.
    I’ve been couch-dining a lot lately, I have to admit, and have found that I do not have the dexterity to make it through a meal without getting something down the front of my shirt. C’est la vie. Take comfort where you can, and if it means eating on the couch, then so be it, right?
    Loved the Valentine’s post. There are many different forms of love, and all are Good Things.

  2. I’m going to go with the fact that I was getting in touch with my Polish roots…as for the unhealthy salad consumption, zero defense :).

  3. Oh honey. That used to be me EVERY night. Then I had a kid and had to eat balanced meals at the table yo model good behavior. I suffer.

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