A Very Merry Galentine’s Day Weekend

I swear to God I’m not basing an entire blog post around the fact that I took a photo with a wooden loon.


But I think it is a really excellent photo and second in my photo series, Kat Takes Snaps With Wooden Birds.

See also: The 4th of July.


It’s a thing now.

Most of my Valentine’s Day weekend was actually a Galentine’s Day weekend.  Some of my favorite sorority sisters arranged for a girls-only getaway at a cabin we rented in Annandale and that was that.  Did we subsist on carbs-only?  Yes.  Did we drink champagne?  Of course.

It has been nearly six years since we last lived together.  It has been nearly ten years since some of us first met.  On Saturday, as we sat in a circle, played games, and rehashed old memories, we talked about friendship and how we have made it so far.  True friendship, like all great relationships, is based on unconditional love.  Turning the other cheek.  Being unbearably patient with one another.  Mostly giving more than you take.  And you know, there is something extremely humbling about realizing that for every time one of your favorite humans has done something annoying and you have chosen to ignore it instead of calling them out, they have done the exact same for you and then some.  Because love does not keep score.

So I think  it’s safe to say that this definitely wasn’t the most romantic Valentine’s Day, but it was definitely one of the most joyful.


2 responses to “A Very Merry Galentine’s Day Weekend

  1. Haha that’s how mine was, but filled with family instead of friends. Still- forgiving each other’s annoying moments is a family type of love too!

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