An Old Grocery List

My parents are continuing to purge and pack their house as they prepare for The Big Move.  As this process continues, they keep discovering the things that they kept from when we were little pups. If you can name it, they have probably unearthed it.  Like this treasure of a grocery list written by yours truly.

Grocery List

Stocking the pantry was a passion, even then.  In all seriousness, whenever Grandma Boots came to take care of us, grocery shopping was always an activity because I personally found it to be The Most Fun Ever.  Mom would come home from her job, and she would find another bag of groceries we didn’t actually need.

I’m not entirely sure what the Sissymilk was – I think that may have meant Lactaid Milk because when I was younger I had an uncomfortable lactose intolerance that has since diminished.  This may have something to do with the fact that I don’t drink full glasses of milk any longer.  I like to see that I balanced this need with the need for a brick of sharp cheddar cheese – always a good choice.  I am also reliably informed that we were NOT allowed to have Gushers (but apparently we were allowed to have Snickers bars?) and that is how and why they made their way onto the list.  Grandmothers are clearly the best enablers.


One response to “An Old Grocery List

  1. I, too, lived in a Gusher-Free Home. I haven’t yet forgiven my mother for it and you can hear oodles more about this slight in my tell-all memoir.

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