Friday Food Round-Up!

This week we sort of ate salad, twice!  Which is sort of astonishing considering that a month ago, we weren’t eating any dinner salads, ever.  It’s a new regime.

Also, as I flipped through the photos on my phone to find the ones I wanted to post, I realized that we cooked way more this week than I had originally thought.

Saturday – Channa Masala with Rice, Broccoli and Trader Joe’s Garlic Naan


I was like…sort of over-tired and over-hungry (AKA Hangry) when I was making this but it was nice to be able to declare a date night-in and know exactly what to make immediately.

Sunday – Carne Guisada from The Homesick Texan with Cilantro-Lime Rice


With this recipe, we give thanks to Past Kat who wrote *Cook a minimum of 3 hours* in the cookbook so I would know that the lower end of the time scale (two hours) was not acceptable.  Three hours was the perfect amount.  It was a tender, savory dish instead and cilantro-lime rice was the perfect base for the dish.

Monday – Shrimp Creole and Caesar Salad


Once again, Jillian let us commandeer her kitchen for the sole purpose of making shrimp.  She is a saint for real.  I contributed by bringing with a salad kit when she declared that she did not have any vegetables on hand.  If you’re feeling judgmental, please remember that caesar salad kits are the best salads of earth.

Tuesday – Mustard Milanese from The Smitten Kitchen


Holy cow you guys.  This was so good.  So good that Marcus was immediately fussed that there were No Leftovers (I only made two pieces of chicken) and I was astonished.  I am also truly trying to repent for the fact that we have had this cookbook for like two years and have only just tried this dinner for the first time now!  There is a 95% – 100% chance that we will be making this for dinner again next week.

Thursday – Grilled Thai Steak Salad from Dinner: The Playbook


What is true about this salad: there are so, so, so many vegetables.  Also, beef marinated in soy sauce and brown sugar and lime juice is good 100% of the time.


2 responses to “Friday Food Round-Up!

  1. Oh gosh these ALL look so good. Could you snap a pic of the recipe for Mustard Milanese and send it to me? That looks fabulous.

  2. Girl, I was inspired and am trying out the mustard milanese tonight. Let me know if you have any suggested modifications!

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