Just a bit about my weekend.

Happy Sunday, kittens.

We “moved” back into our house on Friday night and that was really lovely.  Even though I slept super-well while we were staying at my in-laws’ place, it was so so so good to be able to reunite with my bed.

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you know that on Saturday, I spent 30 minutes meeting with and breaking up with a travel agent from a business we’ve worked with before and then I spent the next hour at home booking all of our Italy hotels.  Confrontation is never fun, but it is important to say NO when you have been clear about your budget and someone is trying to talk you into spending an additional $1000.  As it stands now, the only thing we have left to do is book tickets to and from La Spezia/Cinque Terre.  Once that’s finished I can settle the rest of our sightseeing itinerary and start hunting for restaurant ideas on Trip Advisor.

Our Saturday night was a little bit more laid-back.  We went grocery shopping and I was fascinated by how the clientele of ALDI, Trader Joe’s and Cub changes with the setting of the sun.  Marcus and I cooked dinner.  We watched Gravity (which has been on our DVR for probably three months now) and drank cocktails.  On Friday, Marcus gifted me a set of those ice cube molds that freeze into baseball-sized spheres, so I was extremely excited to give that a try.  Verdict: My cocktails look fancy now.

I did get out and about to do a few fun things.

On Friday night, Linds, Katie and I headed over to Spoon and Stable for dinner.  I made the reservation probably three months ago and we ended up being able to eat at the Chef’s Table which was super cool.  They cooked while we watched them place edible flowers and whatnot on things with tweezers.  Gavin Kaysen actually brought us food and talked to us and all I could say was “hi.”  Twice.  Truly, I was astonished.

Spoon and Stable 1

For dinner I had the squash soup, the bison tartare and the crispy potatoes.

Spoon and Stable 2Spoon and Stable 3Spoon and Stable 4

For dessert, the lemon mousse.  And some cotton candy.

Spoon and Stable 5

On Sunday morning, Lis and I went to The Copper Hen Cakery & Kitchen.  I have wanted to go there for a year now and finally it happened.  It’s actually owned by a guy I met in my Freshman writing seminar workshop group and his wife.  Brunch was spectacular so it is a given that I’ll be back for that.  My next goal is to get back there for their burger because I hear that it is a treat!

Copper Hen

The real reason I wanted to post this snap is because the french toast was just beyond.  I am not a french toast order-er ever, but the pecan loaf and the whipped butter are possibly something I will have dreams about.  It also compels me to expand my repertoire from Chocolate Chip Banana Bread to Maple Pecan Bread as well.  More is more, right?

I don’t want to say that I’m looking forward to Monday because an endless weekend would be quite nice, but what a lovely one this was.


3 responses to “Just a bit about my weekend.

  1. Wow! Ouch. An additional $1000. I don’t do travel agents just because I like to research myself. Plus, then I have control on the budget and location. Sounds like you are all squared away now, though! You are going to absolutely adore the Cinque Terre… and, well, Italy. (Shhh… Don’t tell anyone. This francophile might love Italy a bit more than France!)

    Nice to get the Chef’s Table at S&S! A few of us tried it a couple of weeks ago and were a little disappointed. With all of the hype, the food that we ordered was beautiful, but the flavor was meh. (One dessert was the exception!) That being said, this can’t be the norm if there is so much hype, so I will give it another whirl.

    On another note, we did a 4-course Groupon at the Union:Workshop and will say that that was some of the best food I’ve had in a long time!

    Lastly, I’m with you re: French Toast, but the Creme Brulee French Toast at Ernie’s in Burnsville has me swooning. Ernie’s (imo) is worthless otherwise, but that CBFT cannot be missed!


  2. Popped in to say 1) your Instagram feed always makes me hungry and 2) I’m glad you liked Spoon and Stable! I was so pumped for it to open that we made reservations before they even opened (and still waiting a month) but like PP, I was a little underwhelmed by the food. The squash soup was phemon, but otherwise I probably wouldn’t go back. Maybe it was just an off night, or I got the wrong things. PS- I love chefs tables! It’s like dinner and a show!

  3. Okay, so I haven’t been keeping up with my blog reading, so I just saw that you’re going to Italy, and Cinque Terre in particular. We went to Cinque Terre in 2008 for our 10th anniversary and loved it. Be prepared for hiking and gorgeous views 🙂

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