Friday Food Round-Up!

Even though we didn’t live at home this week, we still got to make a few meals there.  It was incredibly odd to make dinner on Thursday night and then make our escape, but it was nice to have a little sliver of our routine.  Also, I made my first Pinterest dinner, so that was an adventure all its own.  Yes, I am about a thousand years late to this party.

Miscellaneous – Chickpea Salad with Lemon, Parmesan and Fresh Herbs


Did I mention that the photos I take of my lunch at work are consistently the least photogenic?

I wanted to make sure that I had a good go-to lunch option this week since I didn’t have the best idea of what our leftovers situation would look like.  This keeps pretty darned well and it comes together so quickly that there is never a good reason not to make it!

Sunday – Sriracha Lime Chicken Chopped Salad


This salad was fine.  Honestly, I think it would have been massively better if it we had either marinated the chicken ahead of time (I didn’t decide we were eating this dinner until about an hour before it got plated) or if we used chicken thighs because chicken breasts are just so…dry.  You know how it is.  With all of that in mind, this was still a pleasant and fresh dinner choice.

Thursday – Kimchi Fried Rice, Hibachi Mushrooms and Zucchini


Honestly, I had no real idea of if we would be cooking again this week, so as Marcus and I stared at one another in the living room and discussed dinner options, kimchi fried rice was really the only one.  Ever.  We’ve made it so many times at this point that it takes pretty much zero thinking.  I secretly aspire to one day make this with harissa and feta and a few other things.  Until that day, gochujang and kimchi will do.


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