There was a point in time (for probably at least a year and a half, to be honest) where for breakfast I would eat some baked sweet potato, wilted spinach and top it with a pair of soft fried eggs and hot sauce.

If you’re wondering what that breakfast was actually like, darling Megan wrote a post about it once and all of her photos/instructions are 100% better than anything I could ever construct.

When I got back from the Texas Trip That I Haven’t Blogged About Yet in December, I ate it for a week and was completely repulsed.  I don’t know if I was just “over” the eggs or if it was the whole spinach tastes like earth-thing or what, but I could not do it.

So I’ve been on a bit of a toast crusade for the past month or so.

It has involved a lot of avocado toast.

Avocado Toast

Avocado toast is really not a new thing in this house.  I’ve been known to bring the fixings for lunch during the week if Marcus and I are out of leftovers (I really try to avoid buying lunch at all costs!) and it has made its appearance for breakfast/lunch on the weekend more times than I can count!

I’ve also been actioning a lot of smoked salmon + cream cheese.

Smoked Salmon Toast

Because smoked salmon = fancy.  It has honestly been ages since it has made an appearance on the grocery list and it is one of my favorites.  I remember the first time I ate “lox.”  We were on a Carnival cruise when I was in third grade and we were sitting down to breakfast in the formal dining room (my parents were insistent upon this – we were not buffet eaters).  I don’t know how they determined that an eight year old needed to try bagels and lox for breakfast instead of say, pancakes, but that is what they ordered for me and it has been love ever since.

Considering the fact that it used to take me a solid 15 minutes to get my breakfast assembled in the morning (heating up the spinach and potatoes, frying the eggs, cleaning the pans), clearly these are much faster options.  Toasting has freed up extra time for me to sleep in, log more intense workouts (without having to wake up before 5:00 AM), and to just relax a little bit more as I get ready for my day.

I’ll be honest, switching from my sweet potato-spinach-egg breakfast to this one worried me just a bit, because that meal was loaded with protein and fiber.  But!  This has done a great job of keeping me full.  Next week?   I may just have to try a mashed banana-almond butter-honey-combo.


One response to “Toast.

  1. jenpiercedwonderings

    I love smoked salmon and cream cheese! Add some capers, and I’m in heaven. That reminds me – I need to put that on the shopping list for tomorrow’s breakfast.

    Because I’m doing the commuting thing right now and cooking at my in-law’s is a bit of an imposition, I’ve been boiling eggs and keeping them in my mini-fridge at work. Toast, though – I could make that happen fairly easily. Particularly since we got the in-laws a brand spanking new toaster for Christmas.

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