Just a Few Stitches

So the dermatology appointment that ended up with an abnormal mole being removed ended up in a repeat trip today for outpatient surgery because the thing grew back and we all know that’s creepy.

Did I mention that everyone should go get their skin checked because it’s a good thing to do?  Because you should.  Related/unrelated: dermatology is my new expensive hobby.

Anyway, I did not photo document the entire journey because that would be sort of gross, but I did have Mom take one snap of my back after the doctor had marked it up.  Mostly because I wanted to know what it looked like.


Very dramatic, no?

The surgery took about 20 minutes with local anesthetic, and I now have a number of stitches placed squarely in the middle of my back.  How Nice, I Know.  I am told that the scar will be very discreet.  Since this is a place on my back that is impossible for me to see without the assistance of a hand mirror and some serious neck craning, I cannot say I was very concerned about that part.

From the department of first world problems, apparently these stitches (I have two layers) mean that I cannot do anything that will stretch them, and in order for them to keep everything together, I cannot raise my heart rate.  In case there is any confusion here, I was explicitly told that I cannot run, do yoga, or really anything outside of…power walking.  The upper body stuff is specifically an issue because of the location of the incision – it’s pretty much impossible for me to do anything that would not stretch it.  I am sure that you can understand then  that this is the worst part of the whole affair.

Since they had to re-remove the mole, it will be biopsied again.  It’s sort of like a spin cycle.  Check, remove, test, repeat.  With that in mind, I’m extremely glad that I have a good doctor and good insurance so that this is something we can do without worry.  That being said, this needs to be the last of it.


One response to “Just a Few Stitches

  1. Oh girl, I am SO GLAD this is all taken care of!!! I was so scared when J had a mole removed via surgery a few years back. It is never fun being in that surgical situation and possibly even less fun (at least time-wise) to basically be immobile while it heals, but it will be so so worth it. xx

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