Becoming a Color-er

I have become a color-er.

No, seriously.

In November, Jillian invited a group of girls out for dinner and then for an evening at one of those painting studios where they sell wine and you all paint the same picture as an instructor walks you through the steps.  It took about two hours and oh my god it was just 11/10.  The instructor drew two lines, we drew two lines.  The instructor walked around the room critiquing, we dabbled away.  Our color scheme was “cool,”  I grabbed a few neons just to add a little pop!

It was the best time.  I walked out of the studio with one terrible interpretation of the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis and a pep in my step.  But, for $35 a pop, it’s not exactly something I can afford to do on a regular basis.

The next day, as I thought about the experience (and tried to hide my painting from Marcus by leaving it in the trunk of my car), I realized that what I loved about our night out painting is that it was so relaxing.  That’s something I ended up focusing on a lot in the month of December – finding new ways to relieve stress.  I know I do a lot of things each day and in the course of a week that would qualify in most circles as “relaxing.”  Reading, running, blogging, cooking, praying, yoga, spending time with friends.  But on one level or another, all of them have a specific purpose and intention to them.  I needed to add something that I could do with complete abandon, no real gain, and total disregard for the end result.  Something that I could do and let go of.

As December marched on, Mom and I went to hear the Hallelujah Chorus at the arboretum.  Before the show, we were browsing the gift shop.  I walked through the coloring book section and I was captivated.  Here was a way I could create without creating.  A way that I could do without worrying.  I didn’t buy a coloring book that day or even that week, but you had better believe the next time I walked into Target, the first thing I did was beeline to the coloring book section.  My next stop was for the crayons.

48 crayons and a My Little Pony coloring book later, this.

Coloring 1 Coloring 2

I’m not going to start an artistic movement.  Nor am I going to pin my handiwork on our refrigerator.  But truly, how relaxing this is.


5 responses to “Becoming a Color-er

  1. In fact, your experience is so universal that coloring mandalas has demonstrated therapeutic benefits. Do a google image search for mandala coloring. Also:

  2. The feeling you get from it is what matters, you know? That’s awesome!

  3. I love it. I will also always love how our instructor was resistant to your brush stroke style at first, but in the end encouraged you to incorporate more neons…

  4. Oh my, this made me laugh, which was perhaps not your intention. And who doesn’t love Ponies? I imagine there’s something about coloring that makes you be in the here and now, which is always an anxiolytic.

  5. I am so glad you loved the paint and sip event! I was addicted for a while… 🙂 To be honest, the Stone Arch Bridge was one of the hardest I did (and one of my least favorite turnouts.) But so glad you enjoyed!

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