A YouTube Workout

Kittens, as we’re now nearly a week into the New Year, I hope we’re all still on track with our resolutions and our efforts to get back into some sort of routine that we will later deem “normal.”  I would say that I definitely feel like I am finally getting back onto the right path.  My face has cleared up, I’ve found the spot in my Day Designer where I will track my workouts this year, and I’ve really been trying to keep processed foods at a minimum.  It’s all such a process.

I know I am about 100 years late to this party, but I have just discovered workout videos that you can source via YouTube.  Patty and I were at the bar watching the Gophers lose to the Tigers in the Citrus Bowl and she was telling me about this hip hop tabata routine that she had been doing.

Anyway, what she had to say about it was interesting enough that I was compelled to do it as my Friday afternoon workout.  I decided I would tell you all about it if I actually felt a burn afterward.  Guess what?  I did!  For two days!

So.  This hip hop tabata arrangement is by Keaira LaShae.  As far as I can tell she is a fitness instructor/aspiring singer.  The whole video is set to her song, “Drunk Love” and some other song that I don’t think she mentions by name, so be prepared to listen to the same two songs for 20 minutes.  She and her friends do these workouts in an actual living room, so you should have no trouble doing this in yours.

This particular workout seemed really focused on glutes and quads, with a bit of “core” work.  I’ll be completely honest, I could only do the Level One moves.  Patty says she usually does the Level Two and I was like OHMIGOD YOU ARE A WORKOUT WARRIOR.  I have done no other tabata-style workouts before in my life, so I really cannot tell you if this one is true to style or not.

As a fun follow-up to the hip hop tabata (and just to get my heart rate going one more time), I also did the 90s Throwback Hip Hop Cardio, which is about five minutes long.

What YouTube workouts are you doing?


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