Daily Archives: 12.26.2014

Friday Food Round-Up!

Of course this wasn’t a big week for cooking in our house, with the holidays and all that, but we did manage to whip up a few things.

Miscellaneous – Chickpea Salad with Lemon, Parmesan and Fresh Herbs


Since I knew we really wouldn’t be cooking this week, I wanted to be sure that I had something healthy and fresh in the fridge for lunch, especially since my other meal options were Christmas Food.  AKA the best food ever.  I chopped up a few garlic stuffed olives for a bit of extra salt and flavor.  I highly recommend this modification.

Tuesday – Grilled Steak with Salsa Verde, Crash Hot Potatoes, Steamed Asparagus


Y’all.  When I graduated from college, the DJIA was hovering around 8200.  The economy was terrible and I promised myself that if it ever truly looked as brilliant as it did when the dot com boom was going on or when the real estate markets were hopping, we were going to celebrate it properly.

The DJIA topped 18000 and I knew immediately that we were eating steak for dinner!  I hopped over to the grocery store on the way home, grabbed two bone-in New York strips and the fixins for asparagus and salsa verde.  We ate, drank a bottle of 1994 Port and were so merry.  It was the best night in.