Daily Archives: 12.23.2014



I was on such a good clip with Reverb, and traveling and working and holiday-ing and then it all got completely derailed by the general state of busy-ness that we are in.  My house has been more of a crash pad for the last week than an actual home and that is just draining.  But, as my husband sagely pointed out, it is a crash pad that comes with a very comfortable bed.  He is not wrong.

On the bright side, the kitchen and bathroom are clean and I am no longer filled with a spirit of loathing and disgust when I lay eyes upon them.

Anyhow.  All is well, mostly

I went back to the dermatologist yesterday because that mole on my back that they removed grew back at an alarming rate (which they sometimes, but generally are not supposed to do).  My dermatologist was very impressed with the speed at which it returned and scheduled me for a minor outpatient surgery with local anesthesia on January 8 to For Real Cut It Out.  She has no reason to believe that the regrowth cells are anything other than the original abnormal cells, but everything must go!  So that is a fun thing to look forward to in the new year.  PSA: Go get your body mapped.

Otherwise, we are inundated by Christmas cards.  We have sent nothing in exchange.  My sorority sister who is doing her medical residency won at cards this year.  She sent a two page letter detailing her residency (and her accomplishments!) month by month and I OMG love her for it.  I have to start thinking about what our Valentine’s Day card (what I’ve sent for the past few years) will look like.

I don’t have heaps of time off for the holidays (read: a half day on Christmas Eve, a full day on Christmas Day and a full day on New Year’s Day), but I am looking forward to having a few extra hours here and there to relax and just be.  Honest to God, my biggest goal for Christmas Eve before I head off to church with Mom and Billy is to watch a(ny) movie on HBO On Demand.  Just the idea of sitting around for two-ish hours sounds delightful.

I hope y’all are able to enjoy some quality time with your favorite people over the holidays.  Enjoy the lights and the love and the laughter.  XO