Friday Food Round-Up!

You guys.  I totally gave up on cooking this week.  Like I did not have it in me to produce a meal at all.  There was also that small detail where we had dinner plans every single night and so we really didn’t have to cook.  For actual Thanksgiving we were in charge of cranberry sauce and buffalo chicken dip (my family) and wine (his family).  Easy enough to make at the crack of dawn, right?

Monday – Chicken Marbella with Quinoa, Popovers and Salad


How this actually went down: Lindsey hosted Galina and I for dinner.  She made Chicken Marbella, quinoa and popovers and they were amazing.  Also, I feel like if someone makes a popover for you, they really care about you.  So I ate two.  I brought chopped romaine and a homemade dressing (olive oil+white wine vinegar+maple syrup+tarragon+thyme+a pinch of nutmeg+salt).  Galina brought avocado, tomatoes and cucumber.  Anyway, I feel like I owe her big time for essentially just letting us show up.  The meal was comforting and everything that a night in with friends should be.

Tuesday/Wednesday – Chicken Tortilla Soup


Like I said, we didn’t cook this week.  But I did have two containers of Chicken Tortilla Soup in the freezer from that one time that we made it at the end of September.  It was so easy to just pop out of the freezer and defrost for a quick lunch.  Each container had two servings, so I was sure to share a bowl with a friend as well!



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