LBB Bound

For those members of the group who do not live in the frozen north, it has essentially been winter since November 1.  We went through an oddly pleasant patch last weekend, but on the whole, the below freezing temperatures and pile of snow have been just a little bit less than spectacular since winter doesn’t actually begin until late December.  And also, that part where we’re basically going to be cold until March.

Two months ago, Billy sent me an oddly specific request: If you want, you could come to Lubbock on December 2 for the Carol of Lights, and on Thursday we can roadtrip to Carlsbad and Marfa.  You can fly home on Sunday, airfare is really cheap right now.

Billy never sends me specific requests, so I knew I needed to ask for the PTO and buy the ticket.

So next week, I am headed to Lubbock, Texas, a city in the United States that I truly never thought I would see again after 4th of July 2012.  It’s certainly not a city that my waistline ever thought it would see again.  True story: I gained five pounds in the three days we were there, eating BBQ and living off of the land.  I would do it again in a heartbeat.

We will follow the itinerary Billy set out with a few additions (White Sands National Park, and a stop to see the stadium in Odessa) and for six days it will be summer again or at the very least fall or spring.

West Texas sunset, I am coming home.


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