My 2000th post. OR Cilantro Lime Tilapia: A Confession

You guys, I can barely stand to talk about this, but considering the lead photo in yesterday’s post was a selfie of me brushing my teeth, for all of our sakes, I need to keep going with the writing.

Also, though I started this post with only an idea that I could be reaching this milestone, today is my 2000th post.  Which is absolutely insane.  And sort of emotional in an odd way because the thought that I have created 2000 of anything is a little bit much to fathom and those 2000 electronic footprints have brought so much and so many people into my life.

So this will be one part retrospective and also one part hilarious confession.

As some of you may know, the most popular posts I have ever written were about that one time that Billy Regretsy-ed me for Christmas (which will never stop being funny) and that other time where Rush Limbaugh made terrible comments about women who use birth control pills and so I had to break the silence about that.

However, day after day, week after week, month after month, there is one page on Tenaciously Yours, that continues to get prolific numbers of page views for reasons unbeknownst to me.

Yes, kittens, the most popular page on the blog is this ridiculously simple recipe for Cilantro-Lime Tilapia.

A simple dish, yes, it marries the flavors of cilantro, lime juice, olive oil, salt and pepper, with the intention of filling the fish tacos on your dinner table.  Since the blog informs me that the last time we made tilapia was in 2013 (and it wasn’t even this recipe), it’s safe to say that it’s not something I’ve really made an effort to broadcast…ever.  And that tilapia is not something I generally try to eat…ever.  Which only serves to make this situation all the more mysterious.  Yet still, the siren song of the search terms, baked tilapia with cilantro, how to marinate tilapia overnight, and tilapia with cilantro still sounds proudly.  Herding our fellow kittens back to the flock.

While so many others spend time on recipe development, staging, and photography, this culinary creation brings us back to the good old days of LiveJournal and Xanga, where it was virtually impossible to upload a photo because We Didn’t Have Digital Cameras Yet.  Ah, to live that simple, unfettered life again once more.



One response to “My 2000th post. OR Cilantro Lime Tilapia: A Confession

  1. Two thousand posts… I’m in awe!

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